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Chair's Message

Chair, Asian American Art and Culture Interest Group


 It is an honor to be elected as the Chair of the Asian Art and Culture Interest Group, National Art Education Association. I want to first give my gratitude to my predecessor, Dr. Maria Lim, for her leadership. I also would like to express my appreciation to those who have worked hard to establish this interest group within NAEA.  AACIG has been my academic home. As a person of color, a teacher, and a mother, I understand how important it is to value one’s heritage and to seek ways to promote art and culture for inclusion, compassion, and empathy. 

We are living in a dangerous time, where Asian Americans are being targeted, therefore, I encourage you to join us, to bring the beauty of Asian art and culture and Asian American stories to light. 

In my 2021-2023 term as the Chair of AACIG, I will begin with establishing mentorships to sustain the development and the growth of AACIG and to further address the needs of AACIG. Second, I will continue to diversify representations to redefine, to rediscover, and to reflect Asian art and culture and their meaning in social and cultural context. Through diversity I hope to create opportunities to broaden the participation to promote and foster teaching and learning through Asian art and culture issues. Third, I will create collaborative relationships with AACIG members and forming collective efforts with other interest groups within NAEA. 

I am honored for this opportunity to serve, and I look forward to work with you in the near future. 

Dr. Yichien Cooper

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