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Announcement: AACIG Officers of the 2021-2023 Term

Welcome to all officers!

•Chair: Yichien Cooper

•Treasure: Jaehan Bae

• Past Chair: Maria Lim

• Conference Chair: Ryan Shin

• Associate Conference Chair: Min Gu

• Membership Coordinator: Ahran Koo

• Past Columnist: Kevin Hsieh

• Co-Columnists: Meng-Jung Yang & Kyungeun Lim

• Curriculum Resource Editor: Kevin Hsieh

• Curriculum Resource Coordinator: Soudabeh (Sudi) Memarzadeh

• Outreach Coordinator: Sandrine Han

• Proposal Review Coordinator: Oksun Lee

• Associate Proposal Review Coordinators: Hyunji Kwon & Sohee Koo

• Secretary: Pauline Sameshima

• Graduate Student Representative: Position still opened

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