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Pedagogical Globalization: Traditions, Contemporary Art, and Popular Culture of Korea (Free E-book for download) 

Call for Asian Art and Culture Instructional Resource (IR) 

Asian Art and Culture Interest Group (AACIG) seeks Instructional Resources (IR) that will address Asian art and culture in art education including (but not limit to) Asian art history and philosophy, Asian/Asian diaspora artists’ works and practices, Asian folk art, material culture, popular culture, traditional or contemporary Asian art, and visual culture. We strongly encourage authors to share images of student works, teaching materials, and assessment instruments as resources for teaching and learning. This may also include handouts, presentation slides, questionnaire, and rubric. The Interest group likes to hear how you teach Asian art and culture in various settings: community, cultural centers, gallery, museums, Pre-K to 12, Higher Ed., non- traditional classroom settings, etc. Selected IRs will be published at the AACIG website ( and used as instructional materials and resources to a wide range of audiences who is interested in teaching about Asian art and culture. 


IR Submission as follows: 

The IR Submission (2000-2500 words) must include: 

  1. Cover page (Title, author’s name(s), contact emails, name(s) of affiliation or institution, grade levels or ages of participants); 

  2. Overview of project 

  3. Enduring ideas 

  4. Essential questions 

  5. Standards or goals 

  6. Learning objectives 

  7. 3-5 images of samples of project with descriptive captions (In relation to copyright issues, the NAEA permission form is available at https://arteducators- 8710e608c6b2.pdf?1451955320) 

  8. Information about artifacts with IR emphasis 

  9. Lesson sequences with informal and formal assessment plans (3-5 lessons in paragraphs) 

  10. Teaching materials and assessment forms 

  11. Conclusions 

  12. References (the most current updated version of APA) 


How to submit: 

  • Please submit your IR to AACIG email at: by September 1st, 2018. 

  • Image files, permission forms, teaching materials, and assessment instruments are must be individually submitted. 

  • Questions and inquiry should be sent to Dr. Jaehan Bae, AACIG Instructional Resource Coordinator, at: or