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The 2023 AACIG Distinguished Researcher in Asian Art and Culture Education

AACIG recognizes a distinguished researcher in the field of art education who demonstrates profound interest in advocating for Asian art and culture and exemplifies excellence in the profession. The distinguished speaker's body of work is culturally responsive and provides transformative applications that emphasize inclusive practices for teaching and researching Asian art and culture.


This year, we are honoring two mentors, Dr. Tom Anderson and Dr. Enid Zimmerman, who have made positive impacts to Asian American scholars and researchers in the field of art education.

AACIG recognizes Dr. Tom Anderson’s research in Art for Life and Social Justice. AACIG

appreciates Dr. Eind Zimmerman’s works in creativity, cultural sensitivity, data visualization, and impact in gifted art education. Their mentorships are guiding lights for many Asian American students to become today’s vital voices for continued efforts in equity, inclusion, and diversity as well as innovative and transformative teaching and learning.

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