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The 2024 AACIG Distinguished Scholar and Art Educator in Asian Art and Culture Education

Updated: Apr 21

Distinguished Scholar Award - Dr. Masami Toku (Professor of Art Education, California State University, Chico)

AACIG recognizes a distinguished researcher in the field of art education who demonstrates profound interest in advocating for Asian art and culture and exemplifies excellence in the profession. The distinguished researcher's body of work is culturally responsive and provides transformative applications that emphasize inclusive practices for teaching and researching Asian art and culture.

Distinguished Art Educator Award - Abby Chen (Head of Contemporary Art and Senior Associate Curator at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco)

AACIG recognizes a distinguished art educator in the field of art education who demonstrates excellent teaching or service in the field, in terms of promoting Asian art and culture, culturally responsive teaching, and advancement of equity and diversity in PK-12 schools, museums, and community settings.

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